The Pure Hearted And The Peace Makers

God blesses those whose heart are pure, for they will see God. God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5: 8-9. NLT

There are so many characteristics people may mention that qualify one as a Christian, like praying, going to church regularly, being part of some groups in the church and several others. In as much as it is good and essential to carry out these activities as Christians, we can learn from Jesus’s teaching on the mountainside in which He mentioned 2 main characteristics that qualify one as a child of God and those that will see God. Being pure in heart and being peacemakers are the key requirements of our being close to God and it is on top of these we build and add other Christian virtues. It will be near impossible to fulfil all righteousness if our heart is not pure and we’re constantly at war with others. Note that if your heart is not pure to others, it cannot be pure to God, likewise, if you’re not trying your possible best to make peace
with others, you’re likely not going to be at peace with God. So as you go about your day, make every effort to keep your heart pure towards God and others, and do your best to maintain and keep your peace with others. As it has been written, by their fruits we shall know them.

God help me today, to present my heart to you as pure, and give me the grace to make peace with others in Jesus name. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS: Psalm 24:3-6


Alabukun fun ni awon oninu funfun nitori won yio ri Olorun, Alabukun fun li awon onilaja; nitori Omo Olorun ni a o ma pe won. Matiu 5: 8-9

Opolopo amuye ni o wa ni aye Kristeni ti a le ma daruko, bi gbigba adura, lati ma lo si ile ijosin deedee, lati darapo mo awon osise ninu ijo ati opolopo bee. Gege bi o ti dara lati ma se awon ise wa gege bi Kristeni, a le ko eko lara awon eko ti Jesu ko wa ni ori oke ti o si daruko awon amuye meji ti o mu ki eni o je Omo Olorun ati eni ti yio ri Olorun. Jije Oninu funfun ati Onilaja lo toka si wa gege bi eni ti o sun mo Olorun lori eyi ni a si ni amuye gegebi Kristeni. A ko le mu gbogbo ododo se ti a ko be je oninu funfun ti a ko si wa ni alaafia pelu awon ara wa. E je ki a si mo wipe, ti inu wa ko ba mo si omo enikeji wa, inu wa ko le mo si olorun. Gege be ni ti a ko ba wa ni alaafia pelu omo enikeji wa, a ko le wa ni alaafia pelu Olorun. Nitori na e je ki a gbiyanju lati je ki inu wa mo si omo enikeji wa ati si Olorun gegebi a ti ko wipe lati ara eso won ni a o ti mo won.

Oluwa, ran mi lowo lati je ki Okan mi ki o funfun, ki O si fun mi ni Ore-ofe lati wa ni alaafia pelu awon omo enikeji mi ni Oruko Jesu, Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 24: 3-6

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