Let The Light Penetrate Your Darkness

                           LET THE LIGHT PENETRATE YOUR DARKNESS
“And God said let there be light, and there was light and God saw the light that it was
good and God divided the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:3-4
The whole earth was formless and in absolute darkness when God was about to set
things in their places at creation. God introduced light to take over the darkness so things can be easily set in places. This act of God gives us the insight and secret to overcome darkness in the world. Today, everywhere is full of darkness propelled by sin and it’s only in God that we can find the light we need to navigate and overcome the darkness.
As children of God, our light must shine so bright that it will penetrate through darkness
and make it void. Again, as Christians we all need the light of God in our daily lives to fight
against the power of darkness. Jesus is the light, and the light comes into our lives as believers through His word. Without knowing and accepting God’s word, we can’t radiate His light that will empower us to overcome darkness.
Therefore, let the word of God be the lamp unto our feet and light unto our path so that
we can have victory over darkness and become the carrier of His glory.
Lord, let your light shine in me always so that I can live my life in triumph over darkness. Amen

                                     JE KI IMOLE KI O BORI OKUNKUN RE
“Olorun si wipe, ki imole ki o wa, imole si wa. Olorun si ri imole naa pe o dara, Olorun si
pala si agbedemeji imole ati okunkun.” Genesisi 1:3-4
Aye wa ni juujuu, o si wa ninu okunkun nigba ti Olorun fe da ohun gbogbo. Olorun wipe
ki Imole ki o bori okunkun ki o le rorun lati se ohun gbogbo. Ohun ti Olorun se yii fi asiri bi a se le bori okunkun aye yii han wa. Loni, okunkun ti bo gbogbo aye, ese si ni o se okunfa re. Ninu Olorun nikan ni a ti le ri Imole ti a nilo lati bori okunkun.
Awa gege bi omo Olorun, imole wa gbodo mole to bee ge ti yio fi bori okunkun. gege bi
onigbagbo bakan naa, gbogbo wa la nilo Imole Olorun lati koju ija si agbara okunkun lojoojumo aye wa.
Jesu ni imole, imole naa si n wo inu aye awa onigbagbo nipase oro re. bi a ko ba mo oro
Olorun, ki a si gba oro re, a ko le tan imole re, eyi si ni o le mu wa bori okunkun
Nitorinaa, eje ki oro Olorun je fitila si ese wa ati imole si ipa ona wa, ki awa baa le ni
isegun lori okunkun, ki a si le di eniti o ni ogo.
Oluwa, je ki imole re ki o maa tan ninu mi ni igba gbogbo, kin le lo aye mi ni isegun lori
okunkun. Amin
BIBELI KIKA: Johannu 1:1-5

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