The Gift Of Faith

                                            THE GIFT OF FAITH

‘’But without faith, it is impossible to please Him for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrew 11:6 KJV

Faith is the gift of God to us to be able to believe in Him. According to the Bible, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
If we therefore believe the existence of God being the Creator of the universe, and His sovereign power, then we should have a deep faith in Him that He can do all things, that nothing at all is difficult for Him to do, especially when He has given His word of promise. He will make it come to pass. With this understanding, we do not need to be double minded, nor should we put our trust in chariots and horses, as these will hinder the work of God in our lives.
God has promised His children that whenever we ask for anything according to His will, He shall surely give us. But we should ask, seek, and knock in faith. Brethren, let us be sure of our faith in Jesus and hold on firmly to it. Let nothing come between God and your faith so that you can continue to always enjoy the wonders and miracles of God through our Lord Jesus. And if your faith is not enough or you even lack one, we have the privilege to pray for the gift of absolute faith in God and it shall be released upon us.
Lord Jesus, help me to keep my faith in You alive at all times. Amen
BIBLE READINGS: Hebrews 11:1-6

                                             EBUN IGBAGBO
“Sugbon li aisi igbagbo, ko se ise lati wu u, nitori eni ti o ba n to Olorun wa ko le sai gbagbo pe o mbe, ati pe on ni olusesan fun awon ti o fi ara bale wa a.” Heberu 11:6

Igbagbo ni ebun Olorun si wa ki a baa le gbagbo ninu re, gege bi Bibeli ti wi, igbagbo ni idaniloju ohun ti a n reti, ijeri ohun ti a ko ri.
Bi a ba gbagbo wipe Olorun ti o da gbogbo aye mbe laaye sibe, ati agbara nla re, oye ki a ni igbagbo ti o jinle ninu re wipe O le se ohun gbogbo, wipe ko si ohun kan ti o soro fun un lati se, paapaa julo nigba ti o ba ti se ileri, yio muse dandan. Pelu oye ti a ni yii, a ko tun gbodo se iyemeji, tabi gbeke wa le keke ati esin nitori eyi yio dena ise Olorun ninu aye wa.
Olorun ti se ileri fun awa omo re wipe, nigba ti a ba beere ohunkohun ninu ife re, on yio fi fun wa, sugbon a ni lati beere, wa kiri, kankun pelu igbagbo, eje ki igbagbo wa ninu Jesu ki o da wa loju, ki a si dimu sinsin. Mase je ki ohunkohun ki o ye igbagbo re ninu Olorun ki o baa le ri ise ara ati iyanu Olorun nigba gbogbo nipase Jesu Oluwa wa. Bi igbagbo re ko ba si kun oju iwon tabi o ko ni igbagbo rara, o ni oreofe lati gba adura fun ebun igbagbo ti o jinle ninu Olorun, Olorun yio si fi fun o.
Jesu Oluwa, ran mi lowo kin le ni igbagbo ninu re ni igba gbogo. Amin

Heberu: 11:1-6

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