Not Good For A Man To Be Alone

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“It is not good that man should be alone: and I will make him a help meet.” Gen. 2:18

Often times we associate this above scripture with marriage alone. No one can know the creature more than the creator. God who made man concluded by saying it is not good for man to be alone. Loneliness is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a man. An old man told me before his death that loneliness is the problem of the aged, when they are deserted by children and everyone. In prison one of the extreme ways of punishing people or breaking their spirit is to keep them in solitary confinement also sick people feel better when they see people around them than when they are alone. Loneliness easily leads to depression and often mental related diseases. The people who commit suicide most of the times keep their problems to themselves, then depression and finally, suicide. Man is not made to be alone, you need me and I need you. no man is an island. A new baby needs people especially parents or adults to care for him or her when given birth to, same way, an old man/woman in their old age needs younger people to care for them. If the maker in his wisdom says, it is not good for man to be alone, truly man cannot be alone and survive or live well. We need to network with people, especially those of the household of faith. In times of trouble, we need people around us, but it starts even in good times.

Oh Lord, connect me to helpers of my destiny in Jesus mighty name.
BIBLE READINGS: Ecclesiastes 4:8 – 12


“Ko dara ki okunrin naa ki o nikan maa gbe, emi yio se oluranlowo ti o babi re fun” Gen 2:18

Ni opo igba ni a maa nlo ese bibeli yii fun igbeyawo nikan. Ko si eni to le mo eda ju eleda re lo. Olorun ti o da eniyan pari oro re ni siso wipe ko dara ki okunrin ko da nikan wa. Anikanwa je okan ninu awon ohun ti o lewu julo ti o le sele si okunrin. Baba agba kan so fun mi ki o to ku wipe anikanwa ni isoro awon to ti darugbo, nigbati awon omo ati eniyan gbogbo ba fi won sile. Ninu ogba ewon, okan ninu awon ona ti won fin je won niya tabi ba okan won je ni fifi
won pamo si ihamo ti won ko le ri enikeni tabi ohunkohun, bee naa ni awon alaisan maa ni itura nigba ti won ba ri awon eniyan layika won ju igba ti won nikan wa. anikanwa maa tete fa aare okan ati awon aisan ti o jo mo ti opolo. Awon ti o maa ngba emi ara won ni opo igba ni won maa n fi isoro won pamo, nigbana ni won yio ni aare okan, leyin eyi, won yio gbemi ara won. A ko da okunrin pe ki o le nikan wa, o nilo mi, emi naa si nilo re, ko si okunrin kan ti o to funra re.
Omo titun nilo awon eniyan paapa julo obi tabi awon agba lati toju won nigba ti won ba bi won, bakan naa, arugbo okunrin tabi obinrin nilo awon eniyan ti o kere ni ojo ori lati toju won. Eleda wa ninu ogbon re so wipe, ko da ki okunrin da nikan wa, nitooto okunrin ko le da nikan wa ki o si maa gbe igbe aye ti o dara. A ni lati ba awon eniyan se, paapa julo awon ti n se ti agbo ile igbagbo. Ni igba isoro, a nilo awon eniyan layika wa, sugbon eleyii bere lati akoko ti os dara.

Oluwa, mu mi pade awon oluranlowo ayanmo mi ni oruko Jesu.

BIBELI KIKA: Oniwaasu 4:8–12

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