“Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the  past to account.” Ecclesiastes 3:15 NIV  

The essence of the above scripture is that nothing is new under the sun. Is it your  ambition or drive to become great, famous and successful in any area of your desire? Always  remember that such had been achieved by someone who had existed since the creation of the  world and would also be achieved in a better form by someone in the future.  

As Christians, we should follow our dreams and drives with this knowledge and  understand that if whoever had achieved such is no more in existence, surely, we too shall be  no more one day, and all our lifetime ambition would be forgotten just like the people before.  We should also understand that all earthly ambitions and dreams shall not take us to heaven,  

but the way we achieved these set goals shall all be accounted for before God. This  understanding shall also help us to concentrate on ambition that counts, so it is essential for  every child of God to choose wise ambitions to pursue and ensure that they are achieved in a  righteous way. So, in a nutshell, we should refrain from going after ungodly ambitions that will  not give us heavenly merit. 


Heavenly Father, help me to achieve my dreams in your way and not mine, in Jesus Name.  BIBLE READINGS: Ecclesiastes 1:9-14 



“Ohun ti o ti wa ri mbe nisinsinyi, ati eyi ti yio si wa, o ti wa na; Olorun si bere eyi ti o ti  koja lo. Oniwasu 3:15 

Eredi ese bibeli ti a ka yi ni pe ko si ohun titun labe orun. Ipinu re ni lati di eni giga,  olokiki, alaseyori ninu awon ero re? Ranti nigbagbogbo pe iru awon kan ti ni awon aseyori  wonyi, iru eyi ti o ti wa lati igba dida aye. Iru re ti o dara ju ti atehinwa yio si tun ma a wa si i ni  ojo iwaju. 

Gege bi Kristeni a gbodo ma a tele ilepa fun ojo iwaju wa pelu Oye ati imo pe nigbati iru  awon ti o ti ni iriri yi, ko si mo: daju daju awa naa ki yio si mo ni ojo kan. Awon aseyori yi, yio si di  ohun igbagbe, bi ti awon eni isaaju. 

A gbodo ni oye pe a ko ni ko erongba ati ilakaka wa ni aye lo si orun. A o si jihin bi a ti se  ni awon aseyori wonyi fun Olorun. 

Oye yi yio ranwa lowo lati f’okan si awon ona ti a nto lati ni awon aseyori wonyi. O je  dandan fun omo Olorun lati yan ona otito ati ododo fun ilepa aseyori won. La i fa oro gun a ni  lati yera fun ilepa lona aiwabi Olorun, ti ko ni fun wa ni ere ti orun. 


Baba wa orun ranmilowo lati ni ilepa aseyori mi ni ona ti O fe, ki i se bi mo ti nfe.  BIBELI KIKA: Oniwasu 1:9-14 

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