INTRODUCTION: The responsibilities of the Outdoor Evangelism Ministry is to carry out outdoor preaching e.g. street evangelism, door to door evangelism, crusades etc., to train church members on missionary works and activities, to train church members to know their faith better and be able to effectively share it with others.

MISSION STATEMENT: To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and nations. Encourage and teach church members to make heaven by being matured in faith, teach them to live a Christ-like life. Help members how to incorporate evangelism in their daily lives. To encourage intentional personal evangelism.

– To establish an Evangelism Unit in every branch of JCLI. The unit will work with the Evangelist-in-charge to develop, train, motivate and coordinate team members.
– To select a counselling team that will advice and bring back lost souls.
– To mobilise outdoor evangelism – street-to-street, hospital, prison, university, etc.
– To establish a centre that will sell/distribute JCLI materials – books, magazines, church information etc.
– Ensure a unified Beginner’s booklet / programme across all JCLI branches.
– Discipleship of new members
– Baptism of new members in the church.
– Be genuinely born again and a member of JCLI.
– Be full of the Holy Spirit.
– Submit to appointed leadership.
– Be committed to the goals and values of the department.
– Engage proactively in all services, meetings, programmes.
– Be a soul winner for Christ.
– Live a lifestyle worthy of the calling.
– Attend all trainings, seminars & workshops.

For more information, please contact JEGLO – Jerusalem Evangelism and Global Outreach ([email protected])

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