MAY 21 SAT 2022 

“Who delivered us from so great a death, and doeth deliver: in whom we trust that he  will yet deliver us” 2 Corinthians 1:10 KJV. 

As children of God, because we have testimonies of the past, we have strength in the  present and have hope for a great future, the God that we serve doesn’t abandon us at any part  of our journey with Him; if He has delivered you from a great trouble, it is for a purpose. 

The purpose of your experience is so that you can learn from it, give thanks, and let  others be inspired by your testimony. Having your own testimony is important, because relying  on the testimonies of others doesn’t allow for a personal, intimate relationship with God. Yes, it  is good to use the wonders God has done in other people’s lives to pray, but how much more  glorious and inspiring is it to say “God, you’ve done it for me before, I know you can do it  again!”. He is the same forevermore if you cling unto Him and with obedience. There is no time  He won’t help you. The past can never limit His power, He is omnipotent; the future can never  surprise Him, He is omniscient. So, why, at this present time, are you worried and anxious?  Past, present and future, He is God. 


Our Father and our Lord, we pray for the strength to remember that you’re not limited by  anything, and for strength to hold onto the promises and testimonies you’ve given us. Amen BIBLE READINGS: Luke 1:37; James 1:5-6; 1 John 5:5; Galatians 2:20 



“Eniti o ti gba wa kuro ninu iku ti o tobi tobee, ti o si ngba wa: eniti awa gbeke wa le pe  yio si maa gba wa sibe sibe;” 2 Korinti 1:10 

Gege bi omo Olorun, nitori pe a ti ni awon ijeri nigba kan ri, eyi fun wa ni agbara nigba  isisinyi, ati ireti fun ojo iwaju ti o lagbara. Olorun ti a nsin ko le ko wa sile, ni gbogbo ipa ona  irinajo wa pelu Re. Ti o ba gba o sile ninu wahala kan, o ni idi pataki. 

Eredi re ni pe ki o le k’eko ninu re, ki o le dupe, ki a le ru awon kan soke lati ipase ijeri re.  Nini ijeri ara eni se pataki, nitori pe gbigbo ijeri si awon elomiran ko fun ni ni aaye lati ni ibasepo  timo timo pelu Olorun. 

O dara lotito lati lo ise iyanu Olorun ninu aye awon elomiran lati gbadura: sugbon bawo  ni iba ti l’ogo ati isi niye to, ti o ba je iwo fun rare ni o so pe Olorun o ti se iru oore yi fun mi ri, E  tun le se fun mi le e kan si . Oun ni titi aye, ti o ba ro moo pelu igboran ko si gba ti ko le ran o  lowo. 

Ohun atehinwa kan ko le din agbara Re ku, Oun ni Alagbara, ohun ti ojo iwaju ko le e ba  lojiji O mo ohun gbogbo. Kini o wa de ni isisinyi ti o ni iporuru ati aniyan? Oun ni Olorun Lana,  Loni ati ni ojo gbogbo. 


Baba wa ati Oluwa wa, a gbadura fun agbara lati ran wa leti pe, e ko si ohun ti o le di yin lona; E  fun wa ni agbara lati ro mo ileri ati eri yin ni Oruko Jesu Kristi Amin.  

BIBELI KIKA: Luke 1:37; Jakobu 1:5-6; 1 Johanu 5:5; Galatia 2:20 

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