Renewal Of The Mind

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

Our minds are not by nature God-worshiping minds. They are by nature self-worshiping minds. That is the spirit of our minds. But God desires not only a change in the minds of His children at the time of conversion; He also desires a mind that is totally renewed. The reason evil spirits can work is that we have not been liberated entirely from a carnal mind. The mind is one of our natural endowments. God calls us to believe that our old man was crucified on the Cross; thereafter we need to accept God’s judgment towards the old man and exercise our will to resist or to put off its deeds including our old thoughts. We must come to the foot of the Cross, willing to forsake our traditional mentalities and trusting God to give us a new mind. My brothers and sisters, the old mind needs to be thoroughly put off. Yes, its renewal is God’s work, but the putting off, the denial, the forsaking of our old organ of thought is what we must do. If we perform our part, God will perform His.

O Lord let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable unto you O Lord.

BIBLE READINGS: Romans 12: 1-21

“Ki e ma si da ara nyin po mo aiye yii. Sugbon ki e parada lati di titun ni iro inu nyin, ki eyin ki o le ri idi ife Olorun, ti o ti dara, ti o si se itewogba, ti o si pe” Romu 12:2

Okan wa kii se okan ti n sin Olorun nipa bi a ti seda re, nipa iseda, okan a maa sin ara re. eyini ni emi okan wa. Olorun ko fe ayipada okan awon omo re nigba ti won ba n di atunbi nikan, sugbon o fe ki a so okan wa di otun. Idi ti emi esu fi le sise ni wipe, a ko tii gba wa kuro ninu okan ara. Okan je ikan lara awon eya ara. Olorun pe wa ki a le gbagbo wipe, a ti kan eni atijo wa mo agbelebu, leyin re, a ni lati faramo idajo Olorun lori okunrin atijo ni, ki a si yan lati kojuja si tabi ko ise re sile ati ero atijo. A gbodo wa sibi ese agbelebu, ki a si setan lati ko awon ero ti aye ati ibile sile, ki a gbekele Olorun wipe yio fun wa ni okan titun. Arakunrin ati arabinrin mi, a gbodo mu okan atijo ni kuro, lotito, Olorun ni yio so okan wa dotun sugbon mimu ero atijo kuro, isera eni, kiko eya ero okan atijo je ohun ti a gbodo funra wa se. bi awa ba se ipa tiwa, Olorun yio se tire.

Oluwa, je ki oro enu mi ati isaro okan mi, se itewogba niwaju re. Amin
BIBELI KIKA: Romu 12: 1-21

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