Doubts And Unbelief

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrew 11:6

The Book of Hebrews was written to Christians who were losing their faith already – it was composed to caution them of the risks of unbelief and uncertainty and to empower them in their confidence. Doubt (another word for uncertainty) and unbelief are gigantic adversaries of confidence. They are negative and are totally in opposition to faith. Doubt is defined as being undecided or sceptical about something, tending to disbelieve. Doubt means to be fearful, apprehensive, or suspicious. Unbelief is inability to accept or having an absence of confidence and you can’t have unbelief and faith at the same time. Hardships and trials on our way test us, yet this testing uncovers the condition of our souls. Conditions don’t transform us, however they, in all truth, do uncover us. When considerations of doubt and unbelief come to you, decide to trust the Word of God. The more grounded our faith is, the less doubt and unbelief will appear in our lives. The key here is to feed your faith with the Word of God.

Father Lord help me to study your word more than ever, that I may stand firm in you when trials arise

BIBLE READINGS: Mark 11: 12-26

“Sugbon laisi igbagbo, ko see se lati wu U, nitori eniti o ba n to Olorun wa, ko le sai gbagbo pe o mbe ati pe on ni olusesan fun awon ti o farabale wa a.” Heberu 11:6

A ko iwe Heberu si awon onigbagbo ti won ti n so igbagbo nu. A ko iwe naa lati kilo ewu aigbagbo, aini idaniloju ati le tubo fi won lokan bale. Iyemeji (aini idaniloju) ati aigbagbo je ota ifokanbale. Won je ohun ti n se lodi si igbagbo. Iyemeji ni aini ipinnu tabi aini igbagbo nipa ohun kan. Iyemeji tunmo si iberu, aini igbekele. Aigbagbo ni aini agbara lati gba tabi ni ifokanbale. A ko le ni aigbagbo ati igbagbo loju kan naa. Wahala ati isoro ni ona wa je idanwo, awon idanwo yii a maa fihan bi okan wa ti ri. Awon idojuko wa ko ni o n yi wa pada, sugbon won a maa fi otito iru eni ti a je han. Nigba ti ero iyemeji ati aigbagbo ba wa si okan re, pinnu lati gbekele oro Olorun. Bi igbagbo wa ba gbile daradara, iyemeji ati aigbagbo ki yio si ninu aye wa. Ohun ti o se koko ni wipe, ki o fi Oro Olorun bo igbagbo re.

Baba, ran mi lowo lati le maa se asaro ninu oro re ju ateyinwa lo, ki nle duro sinsin ninu re nigba ti isoro ba de. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Marku 11: 12-26

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