The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

God is faithful in all that concerns us about His promises. When we can’t see, He can. He knows the end all along. The best thing He esteems is the timeless soul of a man and He is continuously “looking to save what is lost. In some cases, as God’s children, we go through predicaments. These predicaments work together to strengthen our faith. Whatever happens to you, it will work for your benefit. In the Bible, Job went through every one of the difficulties you could imagine yet in the end they work together for his benefit. When God permits us to experience the good, the bad and the ugly, He generally has a justification for doing so. He is working everything for good to those that adore Him. How we respond decides the result, for good or for terrible. We are tested in circumstances so that we can be tried, tested, tempered and ultimately become victorious!

Father Lord my God, I pray before this year ends, let everything that is created by you begin to work together for my good. Amen

BIBLE READINGS: 1 Peter 4: 1-19

“Awa si mo pe ohun gbogbo li o n sise po fun rere fun awon ti o fe Olorun, ani fun awon eniti a pe gege bi ipinnu re.” Romu 8:28

Olorun je olotito ninu ohun gbogbo ti n se tiwa nipa ileri re, nigbati a ko le ri, On ri. O mo opin lati ibere. Ohun ti o bowo fun julo ni okan eniyan. Ni igba gbogbo ni o si n wa lati se awari okan ti o ti sonu. Gege bi omo Olorun, nigba miran, a maa nni idojuko. Awon idojuko wonyi a maa sise lati mu igbagbo wa le. Ohunkohun ti o ba sele si o, a maa sise po fun rere. Ninu Bibeli, Jobu la awon isoro ti eniyan le ro lokan koja, sugbon ni igbehin re, won sise po fun rere re. nigba ti olorun ba faye gba wa lati ri rere, buburu ati eyi ti o ku die kaato. O ni idi ti o fi se bee. O n se gbogbo re fun rere awon to n juba re. ise wa ni yio mu rere tabi bubru wa. A n dan wa wo ki a le pe, kia le ye, ki a si le ni isegun
Baba mi ati Olorun mi, ki odun yii to pari, je ki ohun gbogbo ti o da maa sise po fun rere mi. Amin.

BIBELI KIKA: 1 Peteru 4: 1-19

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