Sign Of Backsliding




“Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.” Psalm  51:12 

As Christians, we need to check our lives for the signs of backsliding constantly, because  the journey starts in little ways through self indulgence and carelessness in devotion and  interest in the things of God. When one suddenly realises that the joy of salvation that was once  enjoyed is gone, or the aura of peace that envelops a believer’s life is no more, praising and  worshipping God is becoming a trivial issue, or when one’s mind is constantly filled with  immoral and ungodly thoughts, or when one suddenly become comfortable in revealing clothes  and develop more interest in worldly things, these are all signs that such a heart is drifting away  from God.  

The Holy Spirit cannot be comfortable with someone who is frolicking with sin. The Holy  Spirit is a clean Spirit. When a Christian starts to see prayer as a burden and gets bored in  prayer sessions; when studying and reading the Bible becomes a struggle and fellowship with  brethren no longer matters, then there is something wrong that needs fixing. The book of  Revelation says “…You have left your first love, therefore remember where you have fallen,  repent and do the first works…” 


Father Lord, help me to deal with whatever is drawing me back from You in Jesus name. Amen

BIBLE READINGS: Revelation 22:2:1-5 



“Mu ayo igbala re pada to mi wa, ki o si fi emi ominira re gbe mi duro.” Orin Dafidi 51:12 Gege bi onigbagbo, a ni lati maa ye ara wa wo fun awon ami ipadaseyin ni igba de igba,  nitori die die ni o maa n bere nipa idarasile ati aibikita nipa adura ati ohun tin se ti Olorun. Nigbati eniyan ba riipe ayo igbala ti o wa ni okan re ri ti lo tabi Alafia ti o wa ninu aye onigbagbo  ko si mo, nigbati yiyin Olorun ati sisin Olorun ba di ohun ti ko naani ati paapaa julo, nigba ti  okan eniyan ba kun fun ero buburu ati ero ti kii se ti Olorun, irufe eyi tii kii je ki okan mimo eyi  tii se ibugbe Emi Mimo ki o dagba, nigbati o ba si rorun fun ni lati wo aso ti o si ara sile, ki o si ni  ife pupo si ohun ti aye, iwonyi ni awon ami wipe iru okan bee ti n jina si Olorun. Emi mimo ko le ba eni ti n dese gbe. Emi Mimo je Emi ti o mo, nigba ti onigbagba bati  bere si ni ri adura gbigba bii ise nla, ti adura gbigba basi sun, nigbati o ba n tiraka lati ka Bibeli  tabi se asaro ninu re, ti ipejopo pelu awon ara ko ni itumo si o mo, ohun kan ti n fe abojuto. Iwe  Ifihan so wipe “….Iwo ti ko ife akoko re sile, nitorinaa, ranti ibi ti iwo gbe ti subu, ronupiwada ki o  si se ise isaju….” 


Baba Oluwa, ran mi lowo lati yanju ohunkohun ti n fa mi seyin kuro lodo re l’Oruko Jesu. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Ifihan 2: 1-5 

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