Losing A Measure Of Glory




“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and  they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.” Genesis 3:7 NKJV

Each time we commit sin as a believer, we lose a measure of the glory of God upon our  lives, just like Adam and Eve lost their glory of innocence when they committed sin. Persistent  acts of sin would cause separation from God, which will eventually result in stagnancy,  retrogression, sickness, fruitless efforts etc. Engaging in willful sin is the real culprit of the  harassing experience from witches or wizards. If we obey and please God, no weapon or  scheme of darkness would harm us. According to Exodus 15:26, if only you can obey the Lord,  sickness will be far from you. Believe it or not, many sicknesses in a man’s life can be traced to  sin. If you eat what God asked you not to eat like Adam and Eve, you will be sick. If you go to  where He asked you not to go; you are simply inviting sickness. In addition, if you engage in  negative thoughts, worry and anxiety which He forbids, you can have hypertension or some  other related illness. Disobedience is therefore the root cause of most ailments.  Are you sick? Check yourself and see if there is an area you have disobeyed the Lord. Repent and obey Him. With His mercies and grace, you shall be restored.


O Lord, help me to walk away from anything that can make me lose a measure of Your glory in  my life In Jesus name. Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: Genesis 3:1-11 



“Oju awon mejeeji si la, nwon si mope nwon wa ni ihoho, nwon si gan ewe opoto po,  nwon si da ibante fun ara won.” Genesis 3:7 

Gbogbo igba ti a ba da ese, gege bi onigbagbo, ni a n so iwon ogo Olorun lori aye wa nu.  Gege bi Adamu ati Efa ti so ogo won nu nigba ti won dese. Dida ese ni igba de igbe maa n pin  awa ati Olorun niya, eyi a si mu ki aye wa ki o wa loju kan naa tabi ki a ni ifaseyin, a maa fa  aisan, asedanu. ati bee bee lo. Ese amoomo da a ma fi aye sile fun oso ati aje lati fiya jeni.  Sugbon niwon igba ti a ba gboran, ti a si se ife Olorun, ko si ohun ija tabi agbekale okunkun ti  yio pawa lara. Iwe Eksodu 15:26, bi iwo ba gboran si Olorun, aisan yio jina si o. O gbagbo tabi o  ko gbagbo, opolopo aisan ninu aye eniyan ni a le to ipase re si ese. Bi o ba je ohun ti Olorun  pase pe ki o mase je bii ti Adamu ati Efa, iwo yio se aisan, bi o ba lo si ibi ti Oluwa wipe ki o ma  lo, o tile npe aisan si ara re ni. Ni afikun, bi o ba nro ero buburu, iyonu ati aniyan, eyi ti Olorun  ko fe, o le ni aisan eje riru tabi aisan miran ti o sunmo. Aigboran ni gbongbo opolopo aisan. 

Iwo ha nse aisan bi? Ye ara re wo boya awon ibi kan wa ti o ti se aigboran si Olorun.  Ronupiwada, ki o si gboran, pelu aanu ati oore-ofe Re, Oluwa yio da ilera re pada.


Oluwa, ran mi lowo lati ya kuro ninu ohunkohun ti o le mu mi so iwon ogo re ninu aye mi nu ni  Oruko Jesu. Amin 

BIBELI KIKA: Genesisi 3:1-11 

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