Holiness Is Required




“To the end he may stablish your hearts unblameable in holiness before God, even our  Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints”. 1Thess.3:13 The goal of every child of God should be to seek after holy living. The above scripture is  a part of the prayers that Apostle Paul prayed for the Thessalonians brethren. He pointed out in  this prayer an element that will make Holiness achievable for brethren.  

He prayed that the Lord will fill their hearts with love towards one another and others,  so that their hearts will be established in God’s holiness that will make them become blameless.  It may be that you have been struggling with how to live a life of holiness and you just don’t  know how to go about it. 

I believe that the Lord is giving you a clue, start now by loving your brethren and other people that cross your path in life.  

With genuine love in our hearts, we will be careful not to hurt anyone in our thoughts,  words and actions, and holiness is living a life that projects Christ and running away from  anything that can take us to the mud of sin 


O Lord, grant me the love and grace to walk on the path of holiness in Jesus name Amen

BIBLE READINGS: 1Thess 3:11-13 



“Ki o ba le fi okan yin bale li ailabuku ninu iwa mimo niwaju Olorun ati Baba wa nigba  bibo Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa pelu gbogbo awon enia mimo re. I Tesalonika 3:13 Afojusun olukuluku omo Olorun gbodo je lati maa lepa igbe aye iwa mimo. Ese Bibeli ti a  ka yii ni ara awon adura ti Paulu Aposteli gba fun awon ara Tesalonika. O fihan ninu adura yii,  ona ti eniyan le gba lati gbe igbe aye iwa mimo. 

O gbadura wipe ki Oluwa ki o fi ife omo enikeji kun okan won, ki okan won ki o le gbile  ninu iwa mimo Olorun ti yio mu won wa lai ni ebi. O le je wipe o ti n tiraka lati gbe igbe aye iwa  mimo, ti o ko si mo ona abayo, mo ni igbagbo wipe Oluwa yio to o, bere nissisiyi nipa fife  omonikeji re ati gbogbo awon ti o ba se alabapade ni irin ajo re laye. 

Bi a ba ni ife otito ninu okan wa, a o maa kiyesara ki a ma baa pa omonikeji wa lara ninu  ero, oro ati ise. Iwa mimo je gbigbe igbe aye ti n fi Kristi han ati sisa fun ohunkohuun ti o le da  wa pada sinu ere ese. 


Oluwa, fun mi ni ife ati ooreofe lati rin ni ipa ona iwa mimo ni oruko Jesu 

BIBELI KIKA: I Tesalonika 3:1-13 

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