Keys To Unlock




“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto  you” Matthew 7:7 

Asking is a simple use of voice, seeking is a motion of the body, and knocking is an effort  to open and pass-through obstacles. In the scripture above, Jesus Christ has given us His full  assurance that any time we apply the appropriate keys of asking, seeking, and knocking, we will  surely get answers. In this regard, God always says yes to our requests when they fall in line  with His will. However, we often don’t come to Him because we are relying on ourselves to get  what we want.  

We feel confident enough to rely on our own intellect and connections to secure what  we want, and it ends up not working out. Another reason we don’t ask God is because we think,  “God knows what I need; I shouldn’t have to ask.” Although God does know what we need, He  still wants us to ask instead of expecting. If God just handed everything to us without even  asking, there would be no growth taking place in us; everything would come too easily. Part of  the reason why we are to ask, seek, and knock is for spiritual growth to occur.  

Dearly beloved, when we do make our requests before God using the appropriate keys,  we should believe that God is able. He might not always be willing, but He is able.


O Lord, grant unto me the grace to ask, seek and find according to Your will in Jesus name.  BIBLE READINGS: 1John 5:13-15 



“Beere, a o si fi fun nyin, wa kiri, eyin o siri, kankun, a o si sii sile fun yin.” Matteu 7:7 Bibeere tumo si lilo ohun, wiwa kiri ni pe ki ara eniyan ki o ma duro loju kan, kikankun si  ni igbiyanju lati si ilekun ati lati koja gbogbo idena. Ninu ese bibeli ti a ka, Jesu Kristi ti fun wa ni  idaniloju kikun wipe ni igbakigba ti a ba lo awon kokoro ti o ye fun bibeere, wiwa kiri, ati lati fi  kankun, a o ri idahun gba. Nitorinaa, Olorun a maa fi igba gbogbo so wipe beeni si ibeere wa ni  iwon igba ti o ba wa ni ibamu pelu ife re. Opo igba ni a kii wa si odo re nitoriti a ni igbekele ninu  ara wa lati ri ohun ti a nfe. 

A ni Igboya to bee ti a gbekele ogbon ara wa ati eniyan mimo lati le ri ohun ti a n fe, eyi  ko si sise. Idi miran ti a ko fi n beere lowo Olorun ni wipe a ro wipe, “Olorun mo ohun ti a nilo,  nko tun ni lati beere”. Botile je wipe Olorun mo ohun ti a nilo, o si n fe ki a beere dipo ki a maa  reti. Bi Olorun ba fi ohun gbogbo le wa lowo lai beere, ko ni si idagbasoke ninu wa, ohun  gbogbo yio wa pelu irorun. Lara awon idi ti a fi gbodo beere, wa kiri, ati kankun ni ki a le dagba  soke ninu emi. 

Olufe ara, nigba ti a ba n beere niwaju Olorun, ti a si n lo awon kokoro ti o ye, a ni lati  gbagbo wipe Olorun le se. O le ma wuu lati se ni igbagbogbo sugbon o le se e.


Oluwa, fun mi ni ooreofe lati beere, wa kiri, ki n siri gege bi ife re ninu Jesu, Amin. BIBELI KIKA: I Johannu 5:13-15 

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