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“Beloved, let us Love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born  of God and knows God.” 1John 4:7 

People say, ‘We love God’, but they are not ready to keep His commandments or be  interested in the things of God.  

What about how someone can be so fired up for Christ on Sunday, but be an invisible  Christian the rest of the week? And how everyone wants to go to heaven provided they do not  have to believe, think, say or do anything that the Bible says. 

The Bible is clear. God is not just loving or lovable, He is Love Himself. It means that  every single thing God has ever done, He’s doing or will ever do is a perfect act of love, because  God is love. We live in a world that has a misconception of what true love is. 

It has nothing to do with the infatuation, attached with unholy sexual desires we see  around us; but God demonstrated what true love is by doing something sacrificial, He sent His  Son to die in our place (John 3:16). 

This is the greatest love of all! Brethren, let’s consider how we love Jesus, who loves us  so much that He gave everything He has, to have a personal relationship with us.


God Almighty, grant to me a heart that is filled with pure divine love so that I can appreciate  Your love better. Amen 

BIBLE READINGS: 1John 4:7-13 



“Olufe, e je ki a feran ara wa, nitori ife ti odo Olorun wa ati gbogbo eniti o ba ni ife, abii  nipa ti Olorun, o si mo Olorun.” I Johannu 4:7 

Awon eniyan a maa wipe “a feran Olorun”, sugbon nwon ko setan lati pa ofin re mo, tabi  kin won ni ife si awon ohun ti n se ti Olorun. Tabi bawo ni eniyan a se maa gbona ninu Olorun ni  ojo isinmi sugbon ti yio di onigbagbo ti a ko ni fi oju ri ni iyoku ose naa? Ati bi gbogbo eniyan se  fe lo si Orun, ti won ko si fe gbagbo, ronu, soro tabi se ohunkohun ti Bibeli wi. 

Bibeli pe. Olorun kii se eni ti o feran eni tabi eni ti a n feran nikan, on tikarare ni ife. Eyi  tumo si wipe ohun gbogbo ti Olorun ti se, eyi ti o nse lowo tabi eyi ti yio maa se siwaju sii, o wa  ninu ife pipe, nitori Olorun ni ife. Awa n gbe ninu aye, nibiti won ko ti mo ohun ti ife otito tumo  si.  

Ko ni ohunkohun nse pelu ife oju, eyi ti o so mo ife ibalopo lona aimo ti a n ri kaa kiri,  sugbon Olorun se apeere ife otito nipa riran omo bibi re kan soso lati ku fun wa (Johannu 3:16). Eyi ni ife ti o ga ju, e je ki a ro bi a ti feran Jesu, eni to fe wa to bee ge ti o fi ohun gbogbo  ti o ni sile ki o le ni irepo pelu wa. 


Olorun alagbara, fun mi ni okan ti o kun fun ife latorun wa, ki emi baa le mo riri ife re daradara.  Amin 

BIBELI KIKA: I Johannu 4:7-13 

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