Speak Good Words

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“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” Proverbs16:24

God needs us to continuously express great words so our life will be loaded up with goodness and comfort. Any time we express awful words or canal words, we give the evil spirits work to do against us. The words we express involve life and death. We can encounter blessings in our day to day existence by the words that we express. However, we can likewise encounter destruction in our lives assuming we express words that cause pulling down. We can control our lives if we can control our tongue. Like a rudder which can control a ship, our words can decide our way of living. We shall give account to our maker on the day of judgement according to the reckless words we speak into our lives. We should be extremely cautious over each word that we express. We should have a decent heart and express great words out of the abundance of our heart. Beloved, great words give pleasure and mending. Uplifting statements and consolation are an incredible gift to other people. We need grace from God to express such thoughtful words which would give healing and joy. Savage words can wound others profoundly and we should try not to express such damaging words.

My Father and my God, tame my tongue and let every word I say be pleasing unto you. Amen




“Oro didun dabi afara oyin, o dun mo okan, osi se ilera fun egigun” Owe 16:24

Olorun fe ki a maa so oun to dara ki aye wa le kun fun oun rere ati irorun. Igba ti a ban so oro ti ko dara, a n fun awon emi buruku lati sise lodi si wa. Iku ati iye wa ninu oro ti a nso. Awon oro ti a nso nmu Ibukun wa si ona wa lojoojumo, be noni won le mu iparun wa ti a ba so awon oro ti o nfa ijakule.
Ti a ba le so ahon wa, a le se akoso aye wa. Gege bi ijanu oko, awon oro wa ma ndari igbe aye wa. A ma jiyin fun eleda wa ni ojo idajo, fun gbogbo oro ti a ba so sinu aye wa. O ye ki a maa kiyesara fun awon oro ti a nso. o ye ki a ni okan to dara ki a si maa so oro daradara lati inu opolopo ti o wa ninu okan wa. Ara, awon oro rere ma nfun ni itunu. Awon oro ti ngbe ni soke ti o sin fi ni lokan bale je ebun fun awon eniyan. A nilo ore ofe lodo Olorun lati le maa so awon oro ti o nfun ni ni iwosan ati ayo. Awon oro alufansa ma se ijamba si awon eniyan, ki a tiraka lati yago fun iru awon oro be.

Baba mi ati Olorun Mi, ko ahon mi ni ijanu, ki awon oro mi le maa wu o. Amin


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