Freedom From Curses

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.”” Galatians 3:13

You must have been informed that the depression, ailment or fear you manage runs in the family, or maybe you battle with marital life and can trace it back to your parent or grandparents’ experiences. There could be a generational curse in place caused by generational sin through disobedience. (Deuteronomy 28:15). Good news is you are free from any curse whatsoever if you are in Christ Jesus. You must believe in the finished work of Christ through His sacrificial death on the cross where He became a curse for us all, that we may be redeemed. You too can break any curse by reconciling with God. We should also be cautious about the words we express over our own lives and the things we believe about ourselves. Do not be like the biblical Jews who welcomed a curse on themselves when they advised Pilate that they will take the guilt of the blood of Jesus upon themselves. To live in the freedom, you must live a life of holiness and submission to Christ. Through Christ we can be free from all condemnations and go into the favours of God. Not only that Jesus freed us from our wrongdoings, yet he has freed us from the punishment, and the continuous curse of that sin.

Father Lord thank you for the freedom your death on the cross has brought upon my life and setting me free from all curses.




“Kristi ti ra wa pada kuro lowo egun ofin, eni ti a fi se egun fun wa: nitori ti a ti ko o wipe, “ifibu ni olukuluku eni ti a fi ko sori igi.”” Galatia 3:13

O le ti gbo wipe irewesi okan, aisan tabi eru wa ni nu ebi re tabi wahala igbeyawo wa ninu iran re. eyi le je egun lati irandiran. Egun si tun le wa ninu aye eniyan nitori ese ati aigboran (Deuteronomi 28:15). Iroyin rere fun o ni wipe a ti tu o sile kuro ninu gbogbo egun niwon igba ti o ba wa ninu Jesu Kristi. O ni lati gbagbo ninu asepe ise ti Kristi se nipase iku re lori igi agbaelebu nibi ti a ti fi se egun fun o, ki a le ra o pada. O le bo lowo egun gbogbo nigba ti o ba gbagbo ninu Kristi ti o si ba Oluwa laja. O ni lati maa kiyesara awon oro ti a nso si inu aye ara re ati oun ti o gbagbo nipa ara re. Ona miran wa ti egun le gba wo inu aye eniyan bi awon ara juu ti won gba egun laye nigba ti won so fun Pilatu wipe bi ebi eje Jesu wa ni ori awon. Lati gbe igbe aye itusile yii, o ni lati gbe igbe aye mimo ki o si jowo ara re fun Olorun. Nipase Jesu, a bo lowo idalebi, a si ri oju rere olorun. Kiise wipe jesu gba wa lowo asise nikan, o tun gba wa lowo ijiya ati egun ti o ba ese wa.

Oluwa eseun fun itusile ti iku yin ti mu wa sinu aye mi, ti o si tumi sile lowo gbogbo egun.

BIBELI KIKA: Galatia 3

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