Spiritual Satisfaction

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“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6, NIV

In the reality, what do you do when you’re hungry and simply not certain what will satisfy you? You might attempt to consider what to eat, however you don’t know what will satisfy you. Spiritual hunger works the same way. You might feel a restlessness or unsettledness; however, you can’t exactly sort out what will satisfy it. You might attempt to fill that need with different things — food, addictions, individuals — yet no one but God can fill that hunger. The Bible verse let us know what will fill that appetite in our spirit — holiness. When hunger and thirst for righteousness, which is God’s approach to getting things done, you will be satisfied spiritually. Just like you take your time to eat normally, you need to create time to partake in God’s righteousness. Consistently, He has a table of gift set for you. At the point when you invest your energy in prayer, worship and studying His Word, you are participating in His righteousness. You are filling your spirit. The additional time you enjoy with Him, the more He will fill you and fulfill your hunger every day of your life.

Father Lord, thank You for the promise to fill my hunger. I open my heart to You and ask that You draw me by Your Spirit. Teach me to walk in Your ways of righteousness that I may honor and serve You all the days of my life. I bless Your name today in Jesus’ name. Amen.



“Alabukun-fun li awon eniti ebi npa ati ti ongbe ngbe sipa ododo, nitori nwon o yo.“ Matteu 5:6.

Kini iwo maa nse nigba ti ebi ba n pa o, ti o ko si ni idaniloju ohun ti yio te o lorun? O le fe ronu nipa ohun ti o le je, sugbon iwo ko mo ohun ti yio te o lorun. Bakan naa ni o ri niti ebi emi, ara re le ma lele, sugbon o ko le mo ohun ti yio te o lorun. O le gbiyanju lati se orisirisi nkan bii ounje, awon ohun ti o ko le se alaise. Sibe, ko si enikan ti o le yo o ayafi Olorun. Ese Bibeli naa je ki a mo ohun ti o le yo emi wa, tii se iwa mimo. Nigba ti ebi ba n pa o, ti o ba n si n pongbe fun ododo, eyi ti nse ona ti Olorun maa n gba sise, iwo yio yo nipa ti emi. Gege bi o ti mma je ounje ti ara, o ni lati se alabapin ninu ododo ti Olorun. Ni sise eyi, o ni ebun ti o ti pese fun o. Nigba ti o ba fi agbara re gbadura, ti o sin, ti o si ka oro Re, o n se alabapiin ninu ododo re. o n fi ounje bo emi re. Iye akoko ti o ba lo pelu re, yio bo o, ebi ki yio si pa o ni gbogbo ojo aye re.

Baba, o seun fu ileri wipe iwo yio yo mi, mo si okan mi paya si o, mo si bere wipe ki o fi emi re fa mi, ko mi lati rin ni ona ododo re, ki n le bu ola fun o, ki n si sin o ni gbogbo ojo aye mi. Mo gba adura ni oruko Jesu. Amin


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