MAY 6 FRI 2022 

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a  reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” Romans 1:28 A depravity of mind is where you cannot get to know God – you actually become your  own god and everything that you know about God has nothing to do with the truth of who God  really is.  

Therefore, God becomes the God that you create in your own mind, your own image of  God, that is totally far away from who He is. And in the end, we come before the light of Christ,  and He shines in our minds, and we find that sadly we have not lived in His Spirit.  

But praise the Lord, in His Spirit – when you have the Spirit of God, you have God, and  His Spirit is He Himself. You do know Him, not in an empty-headed knowledge; those who turn  to the Lord Jesus and believe on Him are not only saved from hell, but saved from a life of  disobedience, saved from a life of rebellion, and brought into the will, the power and the glory  of God! 

Dearly beloved, in our hardness, in our depravity, we must come to repentance so that  God can reconcile us back to Him; to return to the One that we’ve abandoned.  PRAYER 

Father, do not allow me to remain in my reprobate mind. Amen.  

BIBLE READINGS: Romans 1: 18-31 



Ati gege bi won ti ko lati ni iro Olorun ni imo won, Olorun fi won fun iye rira lati se ohun  ti ko to. Romu 1:28. 

Iye rira ni nigba ti o ko ba mo Olorun- ti iwo si n se Olorun iwo tikara re. gbogbo ohun ti  o si mo nipa Olorun jina si otito eni ti Olorun n se. 

Nitori naa, Olorun a si di Olorun ti o da ni okan re, aworan ti o wu o ni okan re sugbon ti  o yato si eni ti Olorun nse. Ni opin re, a wa si iwaju imole Kristi, o si n tan ni inu okan wa. Nigba  naa ni a si ri wipe a ko gbe ni inu emi. 

E yin Oluwa logo ninu emi re- nigba ti o ba ni emi Olorun, o ni Olorun. Emi re si ni oun  tikarare. Bi iwo ba mo o, kii se ni aini imon. Awon ti o yi pada si Jesu ti won si gbagbo ninu re, a  ko gba won la kuro ninu ewu orun apadi nikan, a tun gba won la kuro lowo igbe aye aigboran,  isote, ti a si mu won wa si inu ife, agbara ati ogo Olorun. 

Olufe owon, ninu okan lile wa, a gbodo wa si ironupiwada ki Olorun le ba wa laja si odo  ara re. ki a pada si odo eni ti a ti ko sile. 


Oluwa, ma je ki n wa ninu iye rira mi sibe. Amin 

BIBELI KIKA: Romu 1: 18-31 

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