MAY 7 SAT 2022 

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his  lips shall he be filled. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it  shall eat the fruit thereof” Prov. 18: 20 – 21 

There are laws set in the spirit that everyone operates under; laws that work for or  against all.  

One such law is that ‘Your life will level up to the words of your mouth’. Not many  Christians appear to understand this.  

This goes beyond saying things like; “My enemy has headache…” etc. when one is trying  to describe sickness. This requires us to actively use words that work for us, all the time.  Counter every thought, every negative picture, and every evil report with the word of  God or a confession of what you want. Not what you are seeing.  

Your mouth should not close till you see what you want to see. Over your life, your  finances, your marriage, your children, your family, your walk with God, everything. Make your  words work for you continually. 


Heavenly Father, I use my mouth to agree with Your promises and desires concerning my life.  Good things are happening around me continually, in Jesus name Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: I Peter 3:1-end 



Oro enu eniyan ni yio mu inu re tutu, ibisi enu re ni a o si fi tuu ninu. Iku ati iye n be ni  ipa ahon: awon eniti o ba si n lo o, yio je ere re. Owe 18:20-21 

Awon ofin kan wa ti a gbe kale ninu emi labe eyi ti gbogbo eniyan n gbe; awon ofin yii a  maa sise fun ni tabi tako eni. 

Irufe ofin yii ni wipe ‘Aye re yio ri bi awon oro enu re ti ri’ sugbon kii se opo onigbagbo ni  o ni oye naa. 

Eyi koja ki a maa so awon oro bii ‘Ori n fo ota mi….’ nigba ti a ba n gbiyanju lati juwe  aisan. A ni lati maa lo awon oro ti o n sise fun wa ni gbogbo igba. 

Fi oro Olorun ati fifi enu jewo ohun ti o fe segun ero ibi, aworan buburu, ati iroyin ibi. Kii  se awon ohun ti o n ri. 

O ko gbudo siwo adura gbigba titi ti iwo yio fi ri ohun ti o fe ri. Lori aye re, eto isunna re,  igbeyawo re, awon omo re, awon ebi re, ibasepo re pelu Olorun. Mu ki oro enu re maa sise fun  o lati igba de igba. 


Baba mi orun, mo fi enu mi fohun sokan pelu awon ileri ati ife re si aye mi. Ohun rere n sele si  mi ni igba gbogbo. Ni oruko Jesu. Amin  

BIBELI KIKA: I Peteru 3:1-end 

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