The Great Deliverer

“Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence”.Psalm 91:3

Many people today feel like they are trapped in bondage to bad habits. We all go through life talking to God about things that we wish were different. We all have things that cause us to be in slavery. We think these things are just about money or drugs or alcohol that causes us to be enslaved. But there are other things that can cause us to be in bondage. Yahweh is our deliverer from all sorts of traps and enemy attacks. He protects us like the eagle offering protection to her eaglets. His truth is His Word: The Word of God is our shield and buckler. The Lord delivers only those who truly fear and trust Him. Surely, God is concerned about your physical deliverance but is all the more concerned about your spiritual deliverance, namely – the salvation of your soul from Hell and eternal punishment. Regardless of your circumstances, you can be saved even today and know it! Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, humble yourself under His mighty hand, trust Him, and call upon Him today and He will hear you!

Heavenly Father deliver me and my family and loved ones from all the adversaries and manipulation of the devil in Jesus precious name Amen




“Nitooto, on o gba o ninu ikekun awon peyepeye, ati ninu ajakale arun buburu.” Orin Dafidi 91:3

Opo eniyan loni ro pe won wa ninu ide iwa buburu. Gbogbo wa lo n la aye koja ti a si nba Olorun soro nipa ohun ti a fe ki o yato. Gbogbo wa ni o ni ohun ti o le fa ki a wa ninu oko eru. Awa ro wipe awon nkan wonyii je nipa owo tabi ogun oloro tabi otin lile ti n so wa di eru. Sugbon awon nkan miran wa ti o le fi wa si inu ide. Yahweh ni oludande wa kuro ninu oniruuru idekun ati ogun ota. O n da aabo re bo wa bi eye idi tii dabo bo awon omo re. Otito re ni oro re: oro olorun ni asa ati odi mi. Oluwa ma ngba awon ti o beru re nitooto ati awon ti o gbekele e. Nitooto, Olorun fe ki o ni idande nipa ara sugbon idande re nipa ti emi ni o je logun ju. Fun apeere – igbala okan re kuro ninu orun apaadi ati ijiya ayeraye. Ipokipo ti o wu ki o le wa, o le di eni igbala loni. Gbagbo ninu Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa, re ara re sile labe apa nla re, gbeke re le e, ki o si ke pee loni, on yio si gbo o.


Baba wa orun, gbami ati ebi mi ati awon eniyan mi lowo awon ota ati arekereke esu, ni oruko Jesu. Amin.

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 18

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