The Prince Of Peace

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

In the opening scripture, God the Father in his infinite grace and condescension toward us graced us with a perpetual peace through the gift of his Son whom we know as the Prince of Peace. The world is not just longing for peace but is also worrying about whether it ever will or can achieve real peace. There almost certainly will be continued difficulties and hardships we have to face, conflict we have to endure, and broken relationships we have to navigate and learn to live with. The Prince of Peace doesn’t promise perfection in this life. What he does promise is deep
personal and spiritual peace even in this life. Our Prince of Peace, prophesied long ago, promises to us a perpetual peace inaugurated now, in this life, as we find the peace that he offers to us through his death and resurrection. It is a peace that will be consummated one day when he returns with trumpet sound and the whole host of heaven in his train to finish what he has begun and to usher us into a never-ending era of peace, joy, and life with one another and with God forever and ever. Believe that Jesus Christ is your peace, trust in Him, and enjoy His peace.


Heavenly Father let your peace dwell in me all the days of my life in Jesus name Amen.




“Nitori a bi omo kan fun wa, a fi omokunrin kan fun wa, ijoba yio si wa li ejika re; a o si ma ape oruko re ni Iyanu, Oludamoran, Olorun Alagbara, Baba Ayeraye, Omo Alade Alaafia.” Isaiah 9:6
Ninu eko ti a ka ni isaju, Olorun Baba ninu opo oore ofe re fun wa ni Alafia pipe nipase ebun omo re, eniti awa mo si, omo alade Alafia. Kii se wipe awon eniyan aye nwa Alafia nikan sugbon won tun n se iyonu boya won le ri tabi ni alaafia tooto. O ti daju wipe awon wahala ati isoro yio wa ti a o koju, awon ija ti a gbodo farada, awon ibasepo ti o daru ti a gbodo gba mora. Omo Alade Alafia ko seleri fun wa wipe ohun gbogbo yio wa ni pipe, sugbon O se ileri alaafia pipe ati alaafia emi. Omo Alade Alaafia ti se ileri alaafia ayeraye fun wa lati igba pipe wa, a si nri ifarahan re nisisiyi. Ani alaafia ti o fi fun wa nipase iku ati ajinde re. Alaafia naa ni yio so di pipe lojo kan nigba ti o ba pada wa pelu ohun fere ati awon ogun orun pelu re lati se asepe
ohun ti o ti bere, ati lati mu wa wo inu ibi Alafia, ayo ti ko lopin, ti a o maa gbe pelu Olorun titi ayeraye. Gbagbo wipe Jesu Kristi ni alaafia re, gbeke re le e, ki o si gbadun alaafia re.


Baba wa orun, je ki alaafia re maa gbe ni inu mi, ni gbogbo ojo aye mi, ni oruko Jesu. Amin.


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