MAY 11 WED 2022 

“But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his  stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man  looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.” 1 Sam. 16: 7 KJV 

This is one of the most frightening portions of scripture I have ever encountered, for we  all know that God can test the heart (Deut. 8: 3; Ps. 105: 19). 

But here we see a man that was tested by God and failed, all without his knowledge. My  brother, my sister, God is watching us and He sees all. He sees the hidden motives of our heart,  whether they line up with the words of our mouth or not.  

It is possible to fool people and it is even possible to fool one’s own self. But we can  never fool God.  

Even if your efforts fall short, always guard your heart, and ensure you address all your  wrong intentions and negative motives. You may not know when God is evaluating your heart.  But if you make it a habit to judge your heart and decisions, it is possible you will pass. PRAYER 

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me. Help me to learn to be honest with myself, so I can have  the chance to be honest before You, in Jesus name Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: Psalms 95: 8-9, Isaiah 7:10-13 



Sugbon Oluwa wi fun Samueli wipe, mase wo oju re, tabi giga re, nitori pe emi ko o. Nitori  ti Oluwa kii wo bi eniyan tii wo. Eniyan a maa wo oju, Oluwa a maa wo okan. 1 Sam. 16:7 Okan lara awon ese bibeli ti o ba ni leru julo ti mo ti ba pade ni eyi. Nitori a mo wipe  Olorun le dan okan wo (Deut. 8:3, Ps.105:19). 

A ri okurin ti Olorun danwo ti o si kuna, ko si mo. Arakunrin ati arabirin mi, Olorun nwo  wa, o si ri wa. O ri ero okan wa, boya o ba oro enu wa mu tabi ko ri be. 

O seese ki a tan awon eniyan, o si seese ki eniyan tan ara re, sugbon ao le tan Olorun. Ti  igbiyanju re ba tile kuru, maa so okan re, ki o si mu gbogbo ero ti ko ye kuro. O le ma mo igba ti  Olorun nye ero okan re wo, sugbon ti o ba nso okan re ati awon ipinu re nigbagbogbo, o seese  ki o yege. 


Baba mi Orun, saanu fun mi. Ran mi lowo lati je olotito pelu ara mi, ki nle ni anfani lati je olotito  niwaju Re, ni oruko Jesu. Amin. 

BIBELI KIKA: Psalms 95: 8-9, Isaiah 7:10-13 

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