Find Your Purpose

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” Ephesians 2:10

While vision answers the ‘Where’ question of your life (i.e., where God is taking you to), it is Purpose that answers the ‘Why’ question. Have you asked yourself why you are where you are right now? If you don’t identify the why, it may be difficult to get to where God wants you to be. God is intentional. He made us all with a purpose in mind. This purpose is your unique assignment on earth: this is why you cannot compare yourself to another person.So how do you know your purpose on earth? Well, only your maker can tell you. His Spirit in you will testify to it. You should also know that your purpose transcends temporary worldly things like money, fame, titles etc. When God blesses you with these things, it is because He wants you to use them in fulfilling a divine purpose. You can be the richest man that ever lived, if you live outside of purpose, you are no more than a wretch. Certainly, your purpose must glorify God.Find God’s purpose for your life this year and walk in it. You will find peace and live your life in understanding.

BIBLE READING: Ecclesiastes 12: 1- End

PRAYER: Lord, help me to know my purpose on earth and walk in it. Amen


“Nítorí àwa ni iṣẹ́ ọwọ́ rẹ̀ tí a ti dá nínú Kristi Jesu fún àwọn iṣẹ́ rere, èyí tí Ọlọ́run ti pèsè tẹ́lẹ̀, fún wa láti ṣe.” Efesu 2:10

Nigba ti iran a maa so ibi ti Oluwa n mu o lo, ipinnu Olorun ni satona eredi Re. Nje o tile ti bi ara re wipe kini idi ti o fi wa ni ibi ti o wa bayii? Ti o ko ba mo eredi naa, o lee soro lati mo ibi ti Oluwa n mu o lo. Olorun da wa fun ipinnu re. Ipinnu yii ni ise pataki ti Ó ran o lati se ni aye: idi leyi ti o ko fi le fi aye re wé elomiran.Bawo ni o se lee mo ipinnu ti Oluwa yan fun o? Eleda re nikan lo le so fun o. Emi Re ni inu re yio si jeri si. O ye ki o mo wipe ipinnu ti Olorun yan fun o ju awon oun aye bii owo, oro, ipo ati be be lo. Ti Olorun baa fun o ni awon nkan wonyi, o fe ki o lo won lati le mu ipinnu Re se ni. Eniyan le je eni ti o lowo julo, ti ko ba gbe ninu ipinnu ti Olorun yan fun un, iru eni be ko sàn ju olosi lǫ. Dajudaju, ipinnu ti Oluwa yan fun o gbudo fi ogo fun un.Ninu odun yii, se awari ipinnu ti Olorun yan fun o, ki o si rin ninu re. Iwo yio ni alaafia, oo si gbe aye re ninu òye.

BIBELI KIKA: Oniwaasu 12: 1-22

ADURA: Oluwa, ran mi lowo lati le mǫ ipinnu re ti O yan fun mi, ki n si rin ni inu re. Amin

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