God’s Mercy




“But God demonstrates His own Love towards us, in that while we were still sinners,  Christ died for us”. Romans 5:8. 

The word “mercy” means to show compassion by withholding deserved punishment. No  one deserves anything better than God’s judgement, but out of love and mercy, God Almighty  sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins so we can have a place in Heaven. That is the greatest gift of  God’s mercy for humanity.  

We live in a world that no longer pleads for mercy, but justice. The mercy of God is being  taken for granted by many. Instead of them to embrace His mercy while it’s available, they play  around with it, just like the Israelites in the time past, until the judgement of God finally landed  upon them and they were thrown into captivity, where they cried upon the Lord.  

Prophet Nehemiah wrote about God’s mercy towards them that “but in your great  mercy, you did not put an end to them or abandon them, for you are a gracious and merciful  God” Nehemiah 9:31.  

Don’t wait until the Lord’s mercy runs out before you come to Him. In fact, you may not  have the opportunity of a second chance.  

Appreciate God today by warming up to His arm of mercy that is stretched towards you. 


Father in Jesus name, help me not to take your mercy for granted. Amen  

BIBLE READINGS: Nehemiah 9:18-31 



“Sugbon Olorun fi ife on paapaa si wa han ni eyi pe, nigbati awa je elese, Kristi ku fun  wa.” Romu 5:8 

‘Aanu’ tumo si sise iyonu, nipa didawo ijiya ti o to duro. Ko si eni ti o to si ohunkohun  bikose ijiya Olorun, sugbon ninu ife ati aanu, Olorun alagbara ran Jesu Kristi lati ku fun ese wa ki  a le ni ibugbe ni Orun. Eyi ti n se ebun Olorun ti o ga ju fun omo eniyan. 

A n gbe ninu aye nibiti ko si aanu, afi idajo. Opo eniyan lo n si aanu Olorun lo, dipo ki  won gba aanu re nigbati o wa nitosi, nwon a maa sa kiri gege bii ti awon isreali igba ni titi ti idajo  Olorun fi de si ori won, ti nwon si ko won lo si oko eru, nibiti nwon ti ke pe Oluwa. 

Woli Nehemiah kowe nipa aanu Olorun si won wipe ‘sugbon nitori aanu nla re, iwo ko  run won patapaata, bee ni iwo ko ko won sile, nitori iwo ni Olorun oloore ofe ati alaanu’  Nehemiah 9:31.  

Mase duro de igba ti aanu Olorun yio fo o da ki o to sawa si odo re, o tile le ma ni anfani  ere keji. 

Mo riri Olorun loni, nipa gbigba aanu ti o n fi lo o. 


Baba ni oruko Jesu, ran mi lowo ki n mase si aanu re lo. Amin 

BIBELI KIKA: Nehemiah 9:18-31 

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